Summer Storms: Property Damage Left Behind

Summer Storms: Property Damage Left Behind

  • 07/20/2020 8:59:15 AM
  • By: Master Clean

Northern Wisconsin is "God's Country" … most of the time. When Nature decides to wreak havoc and destruction during a storm, "God's Country" can become a nightmarish landscape, and property owners are left to clean up the mess. Storm damage restoration, though, is one of Master Clean's specialties. 

What is Storm Damage Restoration?

  • If strong winds or hail ripped off shingles, caused debris to fly at the house, shattering windows, or damage from fallen trees, emergency board up and roof tarping provides stop-gap protection against further exposure to the elements.

  • Water extraction and removal from localized flooding, leaking roofs, or sump pump failures helps speed up the drying process. Our powerful pump equipment can effectively remove thousands of gallons of water.

  • Moisture detection can help identify hidden water damage inside walls and under floorboards. Knowing about the presence of moisture and then taking steps to dry it out reduces the opportunity for mold growth.

  • Lightning strikes can not only disrupt the power supply for your home, they can also leave behind unsightly scorch marks and could cause structural damage. Our contractors can determine if a lightning strike damaged anything critical and ensure the structural stability of your home. Our fire and smoke damage restoration team can also deal with the scorch marks.

Summer is bliss, but it's best to have a restoration company like Master Clean of Medford in mind in case a raging summertime storm causes significant damage to your property. We have the equipment, skills and experience to help. Call us anytime, 24/7, to assess your storm damage, take the necessary steps to avoid escalating damage, and help you with your insurance claim. Based in Medford, WI, we're ready to dispatch a team to your property in Taylor, Price, and Clark counties.

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