Don't Let Water Damage Ruin the Summer

Don't Let Water Damage Ruin the Summer

  • 06/09/2020 09:00:13 AM
  • By: Master Clean

The Northwoods of Wisconsin are blessed with exceptional natural beauty, which leads many people to purchase vacation homes and second residences here.  These homes present special challenges for property owners and restoration professionals alike because they are not primary residences and often sit vacant for weeks to months at a time. Water leaks can go undetected for serious lengths of time if nobody is checking on the property.  

As any restoration professional will tell you, the destructive power of water only grows the longer the water sits.  Unmitigated water damage can cause structural issues like collapsed ceilings, warped cabinetry, and buckled flooring.  Additionally, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria, which come with their own structural and health risks.  Both water and mold damage should be properly restored by an IICRC-certified professional.  

When you discover water has invaded your vacation home in Clark, Price, or Taylor counties, rest assured that Master Clean has the experience and is ready 24/7 to take care of you. Call us today for all your water restoration needs in Medford and throughout the Northwoods.

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